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Mass issue with Tiny Tiny RSS update

First of all this is not a problem with a Tiny Tiny RSS, but this a human problem, where people just too lazy to make updates.
Beside since some version ttrss moved to rolling release model, but old version still reports that “there are no updates available”. I wrote this post mostly for people I reported they have issues with ttrss installation. But if you not one I email, but you read this post, you should check your ttrss installation too.

  • First of all you need install robots.txt in ttrss directory
    This will cover you installation from search robots. Without it you could find bad ttrss installation with for ex.: Tiny Tiny RSS : Preferences, ttrss prefs.php or rss prefs.php keywords.
User-agent: *
  • Next you probably need to backup opml with all you feeds
  • After ttss reinstallation you need to disable access to cache dirs
  • Next you need set password for administrator, create new user and import your feeds to user account
  • And at the end you should setup cron job for ttrss update for ex.:
0 * * * * su -s /bin/sh www-data -c 'cd /var/www/ttrss/public_html && /usr/bin/git pull origin master'

Also, if your ttrss installation directory already known to google you need to move your installation to new directory, and you can set certificate auth if you want.

Written on September 14, 2016

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