Hard Drive Archive

You do have backups, do you?

Let’s say you want to override systemd unit. You typical way to do it will be copying original unit from /lib/systemd/system/unit.service to /etc/systemd/system/, editing unit and reloading systemctl with systemctl daemon-reload. And you will be very surprised, that your previous jobs or users still use /lib/systemd/system/unit.service. So you need to do systemctl reenable unit@job for every connection/user/job. And simple unit editing became a way longer task…

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Recovery process example

  1. Grab preferences_storage database from /data/data/com.fsck.k9
  2. Open sqlite database preferences_storage table from database
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Android Password Card Generator Application

You can take your password card in any place you go. Application don’t need extra permissions or internet access. And it runs locally.

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